Dexter's Youngest Amateur Radio Operator

   5: DTMF Keypad Test Prefix (press "5" followed by any digits on your DTMF keypad except "D" and the controller will read back all digits received)

100: DVR Echo Test (the controller responds with "Ready" and you have three seconds to transmit a test message that the controller will repeat back)

400: Time and Date

401: Outside Temperature

402: Repeater Heat Sink Temperature

403: Repeater Site Temperature

404: Current Remote Base Frequency, Offset, Mode, and List of Commands

405: Low Temperature Since Midnight

406: High Temperature Since Midnight

411: List of Repeater User Commands

A11: Disconnect Remote Base

A12: Monitor Remote Base

A13: Connect Remote Base

#2#: Activate EchoLink Commands

#xxxxxx#: Connect to EchoLink Node xxxxxx

#31#: Connect to Random EchoLink Node

#4#: Connect to Most Recently Accessed EchoLink Node

##: Disconnect from EchoLink Node or Deactivate EchoLink Commands

Basic Control Operators gain access to a code that allows them to turn on and off the repeater and certain functions on it, as well as test other functions programmed by Advanced Control Operators and myself.  Advanced Control Operators gain access to all programming functions.  If you would like to become a Control Operator for this repeater, please use the "Contact" page to contact me.